How much energy have you spent on products that didn't go anywhere?

Get customer insights you can count on.

Great products—products that land and make a difference—come from great customer interviews.

You probably already know that. But it's still not happening for you.

Let's fix that!

What is this?

I will help you and your team actually implement—rather than just read/think about—the best customer interviewing techniques. We'll make this into an ongoing, sustainable practice that will infuse all your decisions with reliable customer insights, rather than "data" that sounds good but has you build the wrong thing.


Interview/discovery eval

  • We'll review how you currently do things to figure out where the gaps are and what to do about them
  • You'll get 3+ actionable strategies to make interviewing a sustainable practices
  • Template to prep for your interviews better


Live interview support

  • Everything from the interview eval package, plus...
  • Scripts + templates to prep for, conduct, and debrief from your interviews
  • Live coaching through 1 interview + debrief, along with recording


Quick consult

  • 20 minute consultation
  • We'll assess your needs and figure out the best way forward for you—whether that's with me or another resource
  • I will record the call to help others with generally applicable info, but will cut out anything proprietary

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Not sure? Email me first with what you're looking for.

How is this different from other product discovery support?

I've learned that what really makes the difference in having interviewing come alive is live coaching during the interview.

You can read about it all day, do practice sessions with coworkers or friends, but there's nothing like getting real feedback in the moment while doing the real thing.

Learning by doing, accompanied by a live feedback loop, is a game changer.

Put it this way: during the interview, you're Tom Brady and I'm Bill Belichick. I will be the 'voice in your ear' helping you apply the techniques and adjust in the moment to get the most out of your interview and learn by doing.

Who is Andrew?

I'm a product leader with over a decade of building and advising tech startups and social ventures. I've worked on award-winning products directly supporting tens of millions of users, and have worked across all aspects of product discovery and development as a product manager, engineer, and growth hacker.

Previously, I've served as entrepreneur-in-residence with Dr. Peter Diamandis, as Hacker-in-Residence at 500 Startups (a fund that invests in early-stage startups) and as part of the adjunct faculty at Singularity University, a think tank in Silicon Valley.